Afterschool Forest School

3:45-5:15pm for children ages 5 - 10 years old

class size limited to 10-12 children with 2 adult guides

Coyote Club is our after school enrichment program that takes place entirely outdoors from 3:45 - 5:15pm for children ages 5-10 years old.

This program allows our current Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders to extend their day once a week.

Alumni Oakers are encouraged to attend Coyote Club where they will reconnect with their beloved woods.

Children new to Painted Oak are also welcome to join our group to round out their academic day with outdoor adventures, kinship, and play.


Coyote Club provides children respite from a busy day of learning, be it at nature school, or at a local elementary school where they have spent their day primarily indoors. We set up a rhythm that is both flexible and predictable allowing each child to feel comfortable and confident with the structure of the afternoon. We let the children's needs, feelings, and energies be our guide as we move through transitions.

3:45pm - As the children arrive from various schools, we provide a variety of options to meet their needs based on their energy level, personality, and interests. If they are full of energy to burn off, we have nature games and materials available for that. If they
are tired after a long day and need to sit quietly under a tree drawing
or just listening to the birds, we have space for that. If they want to
just hang out enjoying an afternoon snack and tea around the fire
before engaging in activity, we have space for that. The start of our time together focuses on allowing each child to connect with their surroundings and to each other as they settle in to the space. 
4:15pm - We circle up together around the fire to share songs, stories of our days, whittle, roast marshmallows, and ask questions to ponder. Teachers present materials and tools that are available for the children's use during their forest play time. If anyone is interested in going for a hike, we grab walking sticks and head out. This time belongs to the children and teachers are available as supportive guides and resources.  
5:15pm - A pack howl at the moon marks the end of our time together as parents arrive taking their Coyote home happy, healthy, and dirty!

2020-2021 Sessions

Mondays 3:45-5:15pm


$444 per session (12 classes)

Mondays March 8 - June 7 SESSION IS FULL

  • 100% outside, in all weather

  • Masks are not required outside however it is highly recommended that your child wear a face covering when close to other children.  If we need to come inside the building at any point, due to hazardous weather, children will be required to wear masks.

  • Our complete COVID19 protocols can be found here.