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Extended Day Options

open to all currently enrolled Painted Oak students 

staffed by full-time PONS staff members
available Mondays through Fridays

Early Bird


Early Bird affords families needing extra time in the morning an earlier drop off and the children a gentle start to the day.  Children enjoy multiage gross motor, sensorial, and imaginative play in The Backyard. On particularly cold mornings, they will read books, assemble puzzles and play games in the Library before gearing up for the day to begin. 

Owl Club


Owl Club is a time for the children to extend their play a bit longer outside within a multiage context before they start leveling down after a busy day at Nature School.  This looks like going on a hike, enjoying their afternoon snack from home while sitting around a fire in the Fox Den (the Kindergarten outdoor classroom,) or building structures with any number of loose parts. Once the sun begins to set, they transition indoors for quiet activity such as, drawing or painting, listening to music, reading a book with a friend or teacher, or just relaxing on the rug until pick up.

Pricing Information:

Early Bird (8am-9am)

$10.50 per diem - invoiced separately from school tuition

$12 as an add-on, when needed

Owl Club (3pm-5pm)

$25 per diem - invoiced separately from school tuition

$28 as an add-on, when needed


  • sibling discounts do not apply to Extended Day programs

  • children who are in regular attendance at Before and/or After Care are asked to choose specific days of the week for staffing purposes

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