Children registered as homeschoolers are welcomed into our nature school to access to high quality teachers and curriculum support, the opportunity to socialize with peers, to be community leaders themselves and role models to our nature preschoolers, and a chance to engage in collaborative learning opportunities. Homeschoolers may participate in all school events, field trips, and field days.

Homeschool Student Schedule Options (1st - 8th) :

September to June

2, 3, or 4 full days a week (8:45am-3:15pm)

To assist your decision in choosing the best schedule for your family, please use the daily framework below to help choose your preferred days to attend.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Core Skills Workshop includes : Wild Math curriculum in Kindergarten, Bridges in Mathematics for 1st-5th, and Illustrative Mathematics for 6th-8th graders. All curricula are supplemented by literature, hands-on games, natural manipulatives, and additional teacher-curated curricula. Literacy focuses on shared reading experiences, guided reading, and an artist's/writers' workshop approach to writing utilizing the Power of Pictures Writing curriculum for our Forest Kindergarteners and K/1 students, while our oldest students supplement this curriculum with Harvey Daniels' Content-Area Writing approach. All core skills are guided by the New Jersey Learning Standards, K-8.

Project Block : Independent and/or small group. Student-driven outcomes; teacher as mentor. Increased student autonomy as they age; known as "Guided Explorations" for our Foxes, "Supported Inquiries" for our Bobcats, and "Independent Investigations" for our Bears. A teacher may meet with small groups or individual children for supplemental skill building. Reading, writing, and research skills are blended into this 90-min block. Learning Expo to showcase projects scheduled every season.

Enrichment (1st - 3rd) : Once a week classes may include but not limited to: gardening, yoga, hiking, tinkering, world language, field games and unstructured play.

Electives (4th - 8th) : Two classes will be available each day for students to choose between based on interest and commit to for one season. Such classes may include instrumental instruction/Jam Band, group sports, yoga & mindfulness practice, carpentry, Lego League, sewing & handwork, world language, theatre, debate, magic show, nature photography, and gardening. 

Peer Collaboration & Coaching (1st - 8th) : Under the guidance of their teachers, students are provided time and space to be learning coaches to one another, giving feedback, next steps, and creative ideas to their peers' writing pieces, projects in progress, and books being read and discussed. 

Community Projects (1st - 8th)Students and teachers come together on the last Friday of each month to make a meaningful contribution to our larger school community. Forest Kindergarteners will add this to their weekly schedule in the Spring.