Children registered as homeschoolers are welcomed into our nature school to access to high quality teachers and curriculum support, the opportunity to socialize with peers, to be community leaders themselves and role models to our nature preschoolers, and a chance to engage in collaborative learning opportunities. Homeschoolers may participate in all school events, field trips, and field days.

Homeschool Student Schedule Options:

September to June

2 or 3 days a week

Tuesday, 9am to 1pm, or 9am to 3pm

includes Independent Project Time

Thursday, 9am to 1pm, or 9am to 3pm

includes Open Art Studio

Friday, 9am to 1pm 

includes Forest School


2 mornings/week (9am - 1pm)         $4,180/10-month year

2 full days (9am - 3pm)                      $6,200/year          

3 mornings                                          $6,270/year

1 full day + 1 morning                         $5,190/year

2 full days + 1 morning                      $8,290/year

a progressive school for children who are serious about dirt and squirmy things

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